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Migrating Rails 2.3 to Snow Leopard

Earlier this year I blogged about installing Rails 2.2 on Leopard. I recently upgraded my MacBook to Snow Leopard, so it was time to do the MySQL dance all over again.

Rather than reiterating what I did, here are the three resources that I found most useful in getting things sorted:

As with my previous experience, the most difficult & frustrating part of the exercise turned out to be getting the MySQL gem working properly. I found the commentary in the last post to be particularly helpful in getting the MySQL resolved.

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DCU Innovation, Marketing and New Technology Foresight Lecture

Recently, I was invited by Dr. Michael Gannon of the DCU Business School to present a lecture to one of his M.Sc. classes as part of the grandly titled “Innovation, Marketing and New Technology Foresight” lecture series.

Apparently, somebody somewhere thought that I knew something about those topics.


The slide set to accompany this lecture is now available on slideshare.

Anybody who attended the lecture is invited to post any observations or feedback they might have in the comments below.

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