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Dublin 2012 City of Science

This has been very well reported elsewhere, but I’ll post about it for the sake of completeness.  On Monday, Dublin was chosen as the European City of Science for 2012.  The main rival to Dublin’s bid in the end was Vienna.

From the SFI press release:

Monday 24th November 2008 Dublin has been chosen as the City of Science for 2012. Announcing the decision today Minister Jimmy Devins TD Minister FOR Science Technology and Innovation hailed the decision as recognition of the great strides that Ireland has made in the area of science technology and innovation.

Dublin will host Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) in 2012. Dublin will aim to attract 8,000 Irish and International delegates while engaging
50,000 citizens in a truly Olympic of European Research style event in July 2012. The third edition of this bi-annual festival was held this year in Barcelona. Dublin’s Bid Committee held a range of highly successful visibility raising activities.

Further reporting is available on RTE, SiliconRepublic an elsewhere.

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